Go Over the Edge-An opportunity to face your fears and to elevate the arts in Anderson image

Go Over the Edge-An opportunity to face your fears and to elevate the arts in Anderson

Start an Over the Edge fundraiser to benefit Anderson Museum of Art programs, projects, and classes today!


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Go Over the Edge to Elevate the Arts in Anderson

Are you ready to elevate the arts in Anderson?

Support the Anderson Museum of Art in its efforts to elevate the arts in Anderson!


AMOA is building programs and activities for children of all ages to teach them more about the arts through hands-on activities. These activities will provide valuable skills and experiences that will make a lasting impact. AMOA has also increased its community outreach efforts by encouraging local artist participation, highlighting the talent of these artists with new exhibitions, and building partnerships with other nonprofits, businesses, and community advocates.


We ask you to rally your friends, family, and networks to support this important work. Encourage them to support you as you sign-up to raise at least $1,000 to repel 6 stories down the downtown First Merchant's Building.

AMOA encourages you to contribute an initial contribution to start your fundraiser in lieu of a registration fee.

The Details:

This is not your traditional fundraiser! This is a unique opportunity for 80 people to show how important the arts is in our community by repelling down the size of a 6-story building.

Who can sign-up? Anyone wishing to experience the thrill of repelling down a building and raising funding for the Anderson Museum of Art. You must be between 100 and 299 pounds, and if under 18, a parent's permission will be required to participate. Participants with disabilities are able and encourage to be part of the event. We only have 80 spots, so sign-up ASAP and start raising your $1,000 today!

Special prizes will be available for those who raise more than the minimum of $1,000 including an exclusive invitation to AMOA's OTE VIP Night, AMOA membership, commemorative gifts, and more.

Starting a fundraiser is easy to do, and it's fun. We'll even give you all the tools you'll need to make a difference. With your help, we can elevate the arts in Anderson!

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