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Under One Roof Campaign

Under One Roof Art is an AMOAzing Adventure

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$100,000 goal

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Phase 1 Conservation and Preservation

Under One Roof, AMOAzing Things Are Possible

For nearly 60 years, the Anderson Museum of Art (AMOA) has enriched its community through the visual arts. Fueled by the vision and leadership of its Board of Directors and staff, AMOA is positioned to offer innovative programming, unique and stimulating experiences for Madison County residents and visitors, and a creative space for life-long learning.

The inspiration for AMOA's future comes from the needs of its community, specifically the next generation. More and more, studies show that children are struggling with their mental/emotional/behavioral health. Our county's numbers are staggering, and immediate changes must be made to provide for our future generation. AMOA believes in the power of the arts and is committed to the development of services to address this issue. Together, we can accomplish AMOAzing things under one roof.

Phase I-Conservation/Preservation

Celebrating 25 years in its restored Carnegie Library home, AMOA must first focus on the preservation of its nationally recognized historic site building. Working with an engineer, plans have been developed to replace the flat parts of the roof, restore its limestone facade, and fix its interior plaster affected by water damage in the past. This is vital, as the museum must protect its galleries and the artwork shown throughout the museum.

Cost: Approximately $100,000

(Phase II- Construction/Renovation)

As we celebrate the past, we look toward a vibrant future that includes benefits for the entire community. AMOA's redesign plan is vast, centered on providing a creative space that inspires lifelong learning, the appreciation of the arts, and sustainability.

Children’s Art Center at AMOA

An artistic space for students of all abilities to be empowered to utilize creative and therapeutic concepts for self-exploration and expression, to build confidence, aptitude, comprehension, and whole-person health.

Key Areas:

  • Visual Arts: Crafted to provide students with hands-on experiences in the visual arts including painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, and photography.
  • Dance/Theater: Students will use imagination and artistic expression to expand their abilities both intellectually and emotionally.
  • Architecture/Design: Combining aspects of arts, science, and math, students will plan, design, and construct through a variety of activities.
  • Music: Students will build their skills in communication, reading, self-control, planning, and verbal intelligence through music experience. Music education also teaches essential life skills to make decisions, focus, plan, problem-solve, and juggle multiple tasks.
  • You Matter Circle: Located in the center of the space, students will learn about empathy, compassion for others, kindness, and skills related to intention, attention, and attitude. The You Matter Circle will invite students to learn about different cultures, lifestyles, and disabilities. A sensory area will also be included in this area for short breaks.

AMOA’s Children’s Art Center will combine many elements of SEL, art education, and play into its exhibit development. Artists will develop interactives that will ignite the power of play. Examples of direct benefits to children include:

  • Problem-Solving (Exploratory Play)
  • Motor Development Skills (Physical Play)
  • Language Skills (verbal play)
  • Spatial Skills and Coordination (constructive play)
  • Communication and Negotiation Skills (social play)
  • Creative Skills (expressive play)
  • Pre-Reading and Reading Comprehension Skills (pretend play)

Museum Enhancements

  • Upgraded and enhanced Permanent Collection space, sealed to assist with temperature, humidity, and lighting requirements
  • New Cafe style kitchen
  • New bridal suite area
  • Frameshop Display area
  • Relocated administrative offices and new board meeting space
  • New technology upgrades and storage

Expansive Programming

  • Larger classroom space with upgraded technology, storage, and materials
  • Additional gallery space added to the lower level to accommodate additional art pieces and surround students enjoying the Children's Art Center.

Cost: Approximately $1.5 Million

Phase III- Sustainability

As AMOA transitions into its future it must consider the sustainability of programming and the continuous conservation of its building. This phase will provide the funding for the planning and development of the organization’s endowment.

  • New partnership development and revenue streams
  • Further development of artists' programming, AMOA Shop, and exhibitions
  • Continuing expansion of programming
  • Increased Membership Revenue

Cost: Approximately $400,000